Robyn's Guide To Melbourne

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

I've recently been to Melbourne and its very hard to remember what I've been up to other than eating and drinking, because there are so many bustling eateries and local dining haunts that are a 'must-do' in Melbourne.

Melbourne's a great city for walking, it's quite flat and quite compact or if you're lazy like me or have lots of shopping (also like me) you can ride the tram.

It's easy to buy a My Keycard in Melbourne, they cost $6.00. Tram fare is a maximum of seven dollars a day, so you can ride as often as you want to as long as you want to for a fun excursion in Melbourne you can get the tram down the St. Kilda and takes about 20 minutes costs about $3 I think and there's a lot of eclectic stores shops and a beachfront that you can wander along.

Melbourne simply, is the easy choice for an immersive and compact culinary experience.

- Robyn

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