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Why Cruise Ships Are Here to Stay in 2018

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Cruises have come along way from the Love Boat and a bunch of old people sitting by the pool.

Cruise ships now come in all shapes and sizes, whether you want a party, an adventure or a classic river cruise, here are 5 reasons you should book in 2018.

1. It's Never Been Easier

To Book a Cruise.

Cruising has never been easier, especially in Wellington. With so many ships coming into the harbour and an array of payment options cruising takes the stress out of planning the perfect holiday.

All you have to do is pay your deposit and then you're all good to go. You might need to book airfares but other than that it's a pretty awesome process.

2. The Food and Drink

Cruises are set with so much to offer, you can choose your own adventure every night.

Whether its an all-martini bar where you can only have it "shaken or stirred" and talk like James bond with your all-white tuxedo or you're feeling yourself in your tropical shirt and flip-flops and need that burger and fries special. 

You can get packages that include all the options, multi-course meals, robotic martini makers and a wide variety of culinary experiences from around the globe can be cater for. 

3. Everything in one Place

Where else can you hit the skate park, do some rock climbing and finish the day with some live music?

Cruise ships are now jam packed with all of those things you never had the time to do - all of those things on your bucket list - like learn how to surf in a wave pool, learn to do the salsa or experience the uniqueness of 4D Cinema, where you are sprayed, shaken and moved by what is on screen. 

You will never be bored and you wont have to worry about planning your adventures. 

4. Something For Everyone.

Whatever your holiday needs, there's a cruise for that. 

Try talking with one of our senior travel consultants and let's find the right cruise for the right occasion. 

5. The South Pacific

With Cruises becoming more popular and more frequent in the South-Pacific it's never been easier for us Kiwis to get away and switch off. 

You can Island hop, explore the many beaches and vistas and experience a deep and rich culture all in an easy to navigate cruise package.  

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