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How to Dominate Vegas in 2018

‘Vegas’ is my favourite place in the whole wide world, having been there 16 or 17 times? .. I’ve lost count.

1. More than just Gambling

A lot of people think Vegas is all about gambling, but I really don’t gamble.

I might put around five dollars in the machine over the whole time I’m in town.

2. Value for Money.

You can stay at a number of hotels and resorts at very good prices.

They all have huge pools, a lot of them have all sorts of attracts in the hotels themselves, such as celebrity chef restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy a world renowned set menu for a fraction of the price.

3. Shopping

I do all of my Christmas shopping there as they have everything, from baby clothes to whatever you can imagine.

I absolutely adore shopping, there are two really good and really huge outlet malls in Vegas, one in the north end of the strip and one in the south. They have all the name brand stuff, I love Nike and Adidas.

4. More than a Strip.

There’s actually a load of awesome places to check out further away from the city. One of my favourite spots is the Valley of Fire which is literally what you’d imagine Mars to look like.

My advice would be to hire a car, the hotels give you free parking so that when you want to go and see the sites before your big night out, you’re sorted.

5. The Shows

There is no shortage of entertainment in Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil have about 7 shows going at the moment.

Plus, all the headline acts like Elton John who is finishing up in a few months with Lady Gaga to take his place in doing a Vegas concert season. Donny and Marie Osmond who are my favourite have just started their 10th season.

So plan your flights, hotels, rental cars and all the entertainment you can take and Vegas will be your destination for 2018.

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